About Ally

Allison graduated as a top student in the Texas Christian University writing program, publishing an award-winning fantasy short story, “GET AWAY FROM THE WATER” and finishing her program with stellar marks. Having battled mental illness, she is passionate about advocating for mental health and representing mental illness in her work.

Psychosis is a scary word to many. But Allison thinks it’s an important subject to talk about. The struggle to honor the beauty of abstraction and of the surreal, while fighting to maintain grounding in the structure and stability of reality, is an essential work of navigating psychosis. The result of this effort in her own life, her novel HANG ON, is a rollercoaster, post-apocalyptic YA ride to save the multiverse.

It’s also a testament to the power of hope to anchor us—hope in true love; hope in healing; hope that the brokenness of the world can find restoration if just one person believes. HANG ON is currently being queried.